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Saturday, September 27, 2008

To Infinity and Beyond!

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the last day of the fall Mens Health Challenge. Most of this entry will be a repost from the men's health forum.

It was a rough 52 days, but I feel I finished really well and will sign up for the next challenge on Oct 15th.

CE: 71/103/70
CT: 14/15/52
RT: 16/15/52
PG1 & 2

I am sad to say I did not get in my final CT last night due to some problems I experienced last night. I did not hit my personal goals either.

I am happy to say I exceeded both my RT and CE goals by 1 day each.

As I said before, in the next challenge I will not wait until last minute to complete my goals. I will also choose my personal goals more carefully. The push up challenge was a little much for me, especially at 330+ lbs.

I am very happy to say that, as of 10 minutes ago, my weight is 325.4 That is 15 or 17 lbs less than when I started this challenge. I have not been this weight in a very long time.

I have tried many things in the past some as extreme as using xenedrine (which is why I ended up at 340+). This challenge is the first time I was able to really make a difference in my eating and health in over 8 years.

This challenge has changed my life in such a great way and I sincererly want to thank each of you for your support and encouragement throughout the last 52 days.

To all the hosts of the challenge, I want to thank you for committing so much time and effort to the cause of better health. If not for all of you, I am sure even more people would have dropped out of the challenge.

By the way, I forgot to say I got my first issue of Clean Eating magazine the other day. It has a lot of great info and recipies in it. I plan to type them up and keep them on my website in hopes of sharing them with people who are also interested in eating healthier.

Also, I wanted to share an experience from yesterday.

I got a chair massage yesteday. I am 320+ 6'1" with semi-bad knees. Sitting in that chair was tough because of the HIIT I had done the night before.

In talking to the woman about why my knees hurt she started asking me about my eating habits. I told her about this challenge and then told her what I was eating.

She proceeded to tell me that I was eating many bad things still (plain baked potato and peanut butter were two of them) and how I had to eat mostly salad, What I was doing was wrong and this is not the time for carbs.

I explained to her that I was not looking to make a drastic change because I know I won't stick with it. She then told me not to look at it as a change.

Um... Ok.So instead of doing what I was doing, which is working, she suggested an extreme change.

This is the kind of person that I feel is worse for people trying to better themselves and eating better. If this challenge was, I had to eat salad all the time and only drink water and blah blah, I would have never finished it, or even started it.

People who are REALLY obese, such as myself, will almost never stick to a drastic diet change, which is why this challenge is so much better than that. Reading posts on this forum and articles showed me that I can eat healthier but still enjoy what I am eating.

To me, it all about better choices and not drastic measures.

Sorry for the long "winded" post, but this challenge has had such a positive impact on me and I don't want someone telling me it is wrong, when I know it is the right thing for me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's in your stall?

Yes, we have religious reading in every bathroom stall at my job.
---This was sent from my sidekick 3

Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy fire

I took these pics today on my way to work. The car is totally engulfed
in flames. Craziness.
---This was sent from my sidekick 3